Omega Alpha Reader Submission of the Month: August

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We’re pleased to announce that Lucy Cheney’s reader submission — “The Upper-Level Lower-Level Divide — is the Omega Alpha Reader Submission of the Month for August. Lucy, an adult amateur who competes her horse at the preliminary level, bemoans the lack of fellow adult amateurs competing at the upper levels, and she knows why. It’s not easy balancing a family, career and horses.

When I think about how much easier my life would be if I sold my preliminary packer and got something greener, cheaper and less talented to take around beginner novice and novice, it makes me wonder if I’m the only one. And it makes me worry more that we will see fewer and fewer amateurs competing above training level, with prelim, intermediate and advanced populated only by the professionals.

Lucy will receive a free supply of an Omega Alpha supplement of her choice for sharing their story. Want to win an Omega Alpha supplement? Send in your story, clinic report, video or other article to [email protected]. If it’s published this month, it will be eligible for September’s giveaway. (Month to be determined by date of publishing, not date of submission.) Many thanks to Lucy for writing and to Omega Alpha for supporting Eventing Nation. Go eventing!

Here are some other reader submissions we loved from this month:

Most Touching Memorial: “Remembering Tom Gadsby” by Lissa Green

“Tom was a spirited 26 year old with the world at his feet and never failed to impress people who were lucky enough to meet him. The equestrian world is in mourning, devastated that Tom has been taken from us all too soon. It is a waste of such a special and talented guy with a huge heart. You will be sorely missed and never forgotten. One comfort is that he was immensely happy when this tragedy occurred, earlier he had sent an an email saying these exact words: ‘I absolutely love it here. I truly don’t think I have ever been this happy!'”

Best Commentary: “Three Years Later” by Katie Lindsay

“The basic core values of eventers’ profiles is basically unchanged. Competitive? Yes. Dedicated to their horses? Big yes. Good work ethic? Mostly yes. A more carefree, can do spirit than that evidenced in other similar disciplines? Again, mostly yes. What has changed is the environment in which those who make up the heart of eventing came from, and the environment in which they are asked to function. For whatever reason, entry level numbers at recognized events have seen a slight downturn. This is worrisome. Coupled with the rise in smaller more casual events, I believe something has gone askew.”

Best Clinic Report: “Waredaca David O’Connor Expert Day” by Helen Casteel

“It’s worth noting that with all groups and all exercises, David continued to stress riders staying on their line and maintaining their rhythm. Every once in a while, he would ask a rider if they stayed on their circle and there usually was a heavy pause, followed by a ‘Nope’ or an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ It was a long day but very fun and very educational. A few riders told David it was the best clinic they’ve ever done, and it was certainly one of the best clinics I’ve ever audited. Go Eventing!”

Best Event Report: “Eventing in the Northwest” by Tamra Smith

“The Northwest has to be my favorite place to event in the country now. I admittedly have always wondered what attracted people to the ‘dreary northwest,” and now I can see the attraction. You get the feel of Europe without the cold. The people are friendly, and the cross country is the way it truly was meant to be — with terrain, several natural hazards and did I say terrain?”



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