On the Road for the Holidays? Download These Eventing Podcasts

Cork Pony checks out the Eventing Radio Show's latest episodes. Cork Pony checks out the Eventing Radio Show's latest episodes.

I spend hours on the road during the holidays because my family is spread out between two states that are different from the one I live in. It’s times like these that I’m thankful for podcasts.

Podcasts and audiobooks really do help pass the time. I can pick up my favorite public radio shows and catch up on equine/eventing related channels as I make my way down the road … in between the time I spend singing at the steering wheel.

Here are a few channels and specific episodes that I recommend during your holiday travel:

Horses in the Morning: Horses in the Morning, the “first live morning show for the horse addicted,” with Glenn the Geek and Jamie Jennings is broadcast Monday through Friday from 9-10:30 a.m. EST. On Dec. 12, HITM welcomed eventer Elisa Wallace to talk about her new mustang Hwin, a beautiful grey mare who has shown an aptitude for jumping and eventing. The entire episode is worth listening to, but Elisa calls in around the 38:30 minute marker. Click the link to listen! [Horses in the Morning: Elisa Wallace’s Eventing Mustangs]

Eventing Radio Show: Hosted by friends of EN Samantha Clark and Jess Montgomery, the Eventing Radio Show is recorded weekly, and topics run the gamut of education, results, constructive debates and more. Episode 330, published on Dec. 9, was one of their best, in my opinion.

Firstly, EN’s very own leading lady Jenni Autry was invited on air to discuss the recent USEA Annual Meeting and Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. She recapped rule change proposals, Team USA updates and hinted at which region of the country parties harder.

Following Jenni’s interview was a truly excellent roundtable discussion with actor/rider Gavin Makinson and journalist Lulu Kyiacouo. Discussing the state of eventing around the world, topics included: safety/frangible technology and where we go from here, why Olympic dressage might not appeal to the masses (and yet, there are non-horsey people who “get it”), amateurs and professionals competing against one another, eventing in Europe compared to the States and the FEI presidential election.

The list goes on. It’s a great listen, and I hope the Eventing Radio Show continues with similar roundtable discussions. [Eventing Radio Show by Bit of Britain, Episode 330 – USEA Convention and Round Table]

And if you’re looking for some good laughs and friendly banter, you can always tune into the Eventing Radio Show’s Nate and Joe segment with Nate Chambers and Joe Meyer. Their latest episode was published this past Sunday. [Eventing Radio Show by Bit of Britain, Episode 332 – Nate and Joe with PRO update and New Zealand’s Puhinui]

HITM and the Eventing Radio Show are both part of the Horse Radio Network. Hours of entertainment from this network are available via the iTunes store or iTunes podcast app, streaming straight from your browser, and Android device instructions are available here.

Official USEA Podcast: The USEA has its own official podcast hosted by Chris Stafford and published weekly. Prior to the USEA Young Event Horse Championships, judge William Micklem was welcomed to the show to discuss what he looks for in young horses. [Choosing a Young Event Horse: William Micklem] Another excellent recent episode featured Doug Payne, who had a long list of great tips on breaking out as a professional in the equine industry. [Starting Your Own Business: Doug Payne]

Chris Stafford not only hosts the USEA and USDF official podcasts, she also welcomes sports personalities onto her own show, which is available via the iTunes store and streaming through your browser. Recent guests include Lucinda Green, Pippa Cuckson and inspirational women participating in other sports. [Chris Stafford Podcast]

I hope these suggestions provide some entertainment for you on the road this holiday season. Other podcasts I’ll be listening to are NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, Radio Lab from WNYC and Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History (interesting to history buffs, captivating to story lovers) among others.

Have some easy listening suggestions for readers? A good audiobook? A favorite radio network? Let us know in the comments!

Safe travels!

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