One Last Time: Sir Mark Todd and NZB Campino Retire Together at Burghley

Sir Mark Todd and HRH Duchess of Wessex. Photo via Nixon Photo/Burghley Media.

Not a dry eye could be seen in the stands as Sir Mark Todd took to the famed arena at Burghley one last time — this time for a retirement ceremony he shared with his London Olympic partner, NZB Campino. After announcing his formal retirement from the sport last month, Sir Mark fittingly bid farewell to the sport he’s helped shape at the site of his top-20 finish the year before with “Kinky”. He has collected the win at Burghley five times.

“It has been an amazing 40 years,” Sir Mark, now 63, said during the ceremony. “I know there’s a lot of people here who were probably little then and have grown up since I first rode here. You are an amazing crowd and have always got behind me and made me feel very welcome.”

Sir Mark will now return fully to racing but will continue to help with mentoring and coaching of the next generation of up-and-coming event riders. We will surely miss you, Sir Mark, and we feel it’s safe to say that racing just collected a few more fans.

Go Eventing.