Our Top Picks from the SmartPak Holiday Gift Guide

Do you remember the days when your mom would ask you to make your Christmas list and you would grab the SmartPak catalog and a red pen to circle everything you wanted? Those were the days. Now, the SmartPak Holiday Gift Guide is online instead of on our kitchen counter. No red pen needed, we picked out our favorite presents from the SmartPak Gift Guide. With a wide range of budgets and styles, there’s something for everyone on this list!

Stocking Stuffers
Is it your first holiday season with a Horse Girl™? Let me give you a pro tip. If you want to impress the equestrian you’re shopping for, don’t just get them a present– get a small present for the horse, too. Honestly, in my book the present for the horse is more important than the present for the human. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but a small bag of treats slipped into a stocking with a small tag and their horse’s name written on it will go a long way.

The Holiday Herballs are the perfect treat to gift your S.O.’s horse. Made with all natural ingredients, you can get a half pound of these treats for less than $10 dollars. Made from Alfalfa, Wheat Flour & Linseed, mixed with generous quantities of Garlic, Mint, Oregano, and Rosemary, these treats are perfect for the equestrian who is all about all-natural horse care.

If you want something a little more festive, a package of Gingerbread Celebration SmartCookies is another great choice for a stocking. A limited edition, these treats have all the good flavors of your grandma’s gingerbread men, without any additives. With no added sugar, these treats are designed to be safe for horses on low sugar diets, but, as always, make sure you ask your vet before you take advice off the internet. However, I can vouch for their palatability firsthand, as my super picky Thoroughbred has decided that the Vanilla Celebration SmartCookies are her new favorite thing in the entire world.

Every equestrian struggles with cold hands in the winter. Solve that problem with a pair of SSG Fleece Lined Winter Gripper Gloves in their stocking. These gloves are a great pair of basic barn gloves that can take a beating. With a fleece lining for warmth and a textured palm for grip, these gloves are great both in the saddle and around the barn.


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Presents Under $50
If you know an equestrian who loves all things matchy-matchy, look no further than SmartPak Polo Wraps. Available in classic colors like white, black, and navy, as well as crazier colors like Turquoise and Merlot, there’s a color for everyone. If you really want to earn some brownie points, you’ll get a pair that matches their favorite saddle pad.

It’s a good day when you get a present that costs less than $50 that not only looks good, but could lower your chances of getting a vet bill, too. The SmartPak Sport Boots are an economical option for leg protection. The polyurethane shell provides flexible support and protection for your horse’s legs, while the soft fleece lining prevents rubs. Pro tip: your dog’s brush, the type with the little metal bristles, does a great job of combing out the fleece in your boots.

I love a good quarter sheet on a cold winter morning. Keeping my horse cozy and warm instantly makes me feel warmer, too. The SmartPak Classic Fleece Quarter Sheet is available in five different colors and ranges from 72 to 84 in size. If you want to take this gift up a notch, have it monogrammed with your loved one’s initials or the horse’s name.

From subtle to bold, it seems like there’s a C4 belt out there for every style. SmartPak has four exclusive C4 Classic Belts on their holiday guide that would make a great holiday present. Thanks to their customizable length, C4 belts are designed to fit pretty much anyone. Plus, the durable material and fun patterns make them an instant favorite with equestrians.

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Presents Under $100
Are you shopping for a dressage queen? If you know someone who loves to tread the boards– er, sand?– you can’t go wrong with the SmartPak Luxe Collection Dressage Saddle Pad. Available in the traditional dressage colors of white, black, and navy, this saddle pad features a satin finish, metallic rope trim, and double diamond quilting. But the best part of this pad is hidden underneath. A bamboo poly mesh lining wicks moisture away from your horse’s back and has natural anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties to help the pad stay fresh.

There are two people who will really appreciate getting the Effax Total Leather Care Bundle: those who clean their tack after every single ride and those who really should be cleaning their tack more often. Effax offers really high-quality tack cleaner and conditioner, but my favorite is their Leather Balsam. In my experience, it conditions and protects the tack really nicely.

Looking for a gift for your trainer? The SmartTherapy ThermoBalance Ceramic Quarter Zip is it. This quarter zip is designed from fabric that contains ceramic particles that absorb and reflect your body’s natural heat for gentle yet deep muscular healing. These far infrared rays penetrate beneath the skin to activate blood flow, which may help to decrease inflammation for improved performance and recovery. Did your horse buck off your trainer this year? Then you definitely owe them this top.

<Presents Over $100
Next up, we have a great present for your barn manager. Your barn manager doesn’t have the option of hiding under a blanket on a cold winter day, but this Redingote Jumpsuit is the next best thing. With 60 grams of fill and a waterproof outer shell, this jumpsuit will keep them warm no matter the weather. Plus, they can easily hop on their horse in between mucking stalls thanks to the jumpsuit’s helmet-sized hood, leg zippers to allow easy off and on while wearing boots, and stirrup elastics that keep your pant leg in place while riding.

This next present is perfect for the equestrian who actually is hiding under a blanket when it’s too gross out to ride. The FieldSheer Mobile Warming Heated Glove Liner may just get them out of the house and back at the barn, even in the cold. Despite an ultra-thin fitted profile, these heated glove liners pack a punch. Able to heat up to 135 degrees, they’re better than any disposable hand warmer. Select up to four different temperature ranges to ensure you can find the perfect temperature for you.

I loved my pair of Dublin River Boots and was so sad the day I had to retire them. Dublin Boots are the perfect boots for all things horse. You can ride in them, work in them, muck stalls in them, and cross muddy pastures in them. SmartPak has them available in five different colors and a wide range of sizes.

We’ve made your list, have you checked it twice? Spend more time with your family this holiday season and get your shopping done online at SmartPak instead of running from store to store.

This article was sponsored by SmartPak, but all opinions are the writer’s own. If you’d like to read through the Holiday Gift Guide, find it here. If you haven’t finished your shopping yet, hurry! The cutoff for orders to arrive by Christmas is right around the corner.

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