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I’m delighted to share the news this morning that EN’s very own Tilly Berendt was recently awarded the inaugural Kit Houghton Photo of the Year Award from the British Equestrian Media Association (BEMA) for her incredible snap of Harriet Biddick and Silver Lift while working for the Hickstead press office earlier this year. Here’s how the moment played out.

Tilly is pretty modest in suggesting she was lucky to get this shot, but I think what the general public might not realize about photography is actually how easy it is to miss or botch a shot like this even if you are in the right place at the right time. Our gal’s got skills. Congrats, Tilly!

Major International Events

London International Horse Show (Wednesday December 13th – Monday December 18th) [Website] [Tickets] [Program] [Scoring]
How to Watch: [UK] [FEI Classes: FEI TV (via ClipMyHorse.TV)] [Non-FEI Classes: H&C+]

Links to Start Your Weekend:

8 Top Tips for Equestrians from Dr. Temple Grandin

Emotions Run High as Emma Webb Completes Her Journey

Merit seen in off-horse assessments of rider posture and balance

University of Kentucky Horse-Related Rider Injury and Pain Survey

New Details Emerge In Eric Lamaze Case As Appeal Filed

Can A Human Run As Fast As a Horse?

Sponsor Corner: Lea Adams-Blackmore has had a busy season. From the Canada to Maryland, Lea flew to one other major event to round out her season– but this time, her title was groom, not rider. Hear about what it was like to groom for Sharon White at the Pan-American Games in this article sponsored by World Equestrian Brands.

Lea Adams-Blackmore and Sharon White at the Pan American Games. Photo courtesy of Sharon White / US Equestrian.

Morning Viewing: Start your day off with one cute and keen (and speedy!) little pair!

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