Out of The Mouths of Babes: ‘7 Reasons to Be A Horse’

7 Reasons to Be A Horse.

There’s something magical about the love a little girl has for horses. Often the catalyst for a lifelong passion, afternoons in the barn spent spent brushing and riding and squealing with glee are not easily forgotten by grown-up horsewomen. Those early days around horses are the foundation of your barn knowledge, where you learn the basics like ‘don’t stand right behind the horse.’ Some kids are much more intuitive than others, like this Area VII eventer.

Now grown, she shared some creative writing from her childhood that’s equal parts hilarious and relatable. Start your Saturday off right with this Kids Say The Darndest Things/EN mashup:

7 Reasons to Be A Horse

  1. No Matter what you look like, you’ll always be either beautiful or cute.
  2. You can be as loud as you want and no one will question you.
  3. People only ask you for about an hour of your day and spend the rest of it feeding and petting you.
  4. You can openly dislike one of your human’s friends and they will steer clear of you.
  5. You can freak out for no reason whatsoever.
  6. You have someone to give your heart to…
  7. … and that same someone to give you theirs right back.

Go eventing.