(Paint) Like a Pony, Moneigh, Moneigh


Like the best horse people, they just couldn’t limit themselves to one discipline.

The people at ReRun, Inc., who auction off Moneigh paintings by famous racers to raise money for their Thoroughbred rehab, retrain and adoption program, will start offering paintings by equine artists beyond the homestretch.

“We are stepping out of the box and making other breeds and disciplines available to all horse lovers out there,” Mary Simons, Moneigh project coordinator, told COTH. Until now, all of the non profit’s artists have been Thoroughbred racing champs like Cigar and Zenyatta.

Apparently at work in their studios are Rox Dene, a Dutch Warmblood who was Jumper of the 20th Century; Hanoverian dressage star Rosmarin; and Mexican Sport Horse HH Rebozo, who placed fourth in the 2011 World Equestrian Games with Rodrigo Pessoa (who will not be painting). The horses’ paintings can be viewed and bid on from Oct. 1-27 at www.ebay.com; search “moneigh.”

No event horses have taken up the paintbrush yet, but a horse named Rolex W, part of an international champion carriage driving team, is currently working on pieces to be auctioned in October.


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