Part 2 of 2 Rolex Cross Country Open Thread, Presented by SmartPak

Welcome to part 2 of Eventing Nation’s Rolex cross country open thread [Link: Part 1 Open Thread]. Scroll down for all of the action from the afternoon cross country rides.

Earlier this morning, Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST guaranteed themselves the overnight Rolex lead with just two seconds of time penalties [Replay]. Watch post-cross country interviews with Samantha Clark on EN’s YouTube page. Go Rolex and go eventing.

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2:53 pm ET: The entire crowd here at the Kentucky Horse Park (including those of us in the media center) were cheering for Allison Springer and Arthur, placed second after the dressage. Allison was riding with incredible toughness and poise right up to and through the coffin at the Park Question, but Arthur lost his focus over the ditch and ran out of impulsion at the C element.


2:45 pm ET: Phillip with a vintage PDutty long-rein ride, maintaining perfect straightness at the corner in the middle of the Head of the Lake.


2:37 pm ET: Boyd and Blackfoot Mystery soar over the massive Dueling Tree at #18.


2:32 pm ET: Shout-out to drone cam, showing Buck near the end of his ride with Copper Beach. The pair finished full of run. No one made more effort to set their horses up in front of the fences today than Buck, and he was rewarded with two out of three clear rounds.


2:26 pm ET: Watch the legendary Mark Todd land directly in his galloping position. Toddy delivered a clinic on efficiency with his Olympic mount, NZB Campino, never pushing Campino beyond himself and finishing with as few time penalties as possible.


2:10 pm ET: Tiana Coudray and Ringwood Magister seemed to never get quite comfortable with the footing. Their day unfortunately ended early at the Creekside Cabin.


2:08 pm ET: Lauren Kieffer and Veronica jump expertly out of the Head of the Lake.


1:49 pm ET: Sinead rocks the stickability at the second to last as she finishes close excellent ride aboard Manoir De Carneville. Sinead was hyper-focused from the very first fence and finished with just over 9 time penalties.


1:43 pm ET: Kim Severson was delivering a foot-perfect ride aboard Fernhill Fearless until the pair lost a bit of communication right in front of the A element of the Park Question. They paid for it with a runout at C. We’re gutted for Kim – they were having a fantastic round.


1:33 pm ET: Hannah Sue Burnett holds the line with a great ride aboard Harbor Pilot to get the job done at the Land Rover Landing. We’re waiting for confirmation on whether she learned how to do that from a certain Young Riders teammate a few years ago.


1:26 pm ET: Hannah Sue Burnett and William deploy the frangible device at the third fence. The pair was given 11 penalty points for the deployment, although Hannah and her team will have the option to challenge the penalties.


1:20 pm ET: Matt Brown rides superbly into the Hollow, and is rewarded with a fine ride through the rest aboard Super Socks. Matt gave a hearty, “good boy!” on his way out.


1:11 pm ET: Santino hits the A element (shown) before a big drop at the Land Rover Landing, causing a runout at the B element for Holly Payne Caravella. Holly was held a few fences later for a fence repair after Sydney Conley Elliot and Cisko A broke a frangible pin. Holly’s ride aboard Santino impressed throughout, despite the runout.


12:51 pm ET: 3rd placed after the dressage, Marilyn Little and Demeter started strong, but Demi appeared to tire later on course and the pair took a tumble at fence 22. Fortunately, both horse and rider got up quickly.


12:35 pm ET: Buck worked hard to produce a quality canter in front of the Water Park Half Pipe question late on course. The result – a great jump for the sporty mare, Petite Flower.