Pau At-a-Glance: A Visual Breakdown of the French Five-Star Field

There are some things the French do very well: kissing, bread, excellent aphorisms (‘ah, la vache’ – literally, ‘oh my cow’, instead of ‘oh my God’), cinema, full fringes, a Breton stripe, and truly unique equestrian events. But before we delve too deeply into the horse-man-beasts, the plentiful fruits de la mer, and the swimming rats (yes, that’s a thing) of Pau, let us first focus our attention on the horses and riders who’ll be riding this jolly wave with us. Or us with them, which is probably a slightly fairer way of putting it.

You’ve seen the jam-packed form guide, but hey – maybe you don’t have time to read about the life story of every combination entered. We get that. Or maybe you just want a coffee-break overview of the need-to-knows – either way, this double-sized edition of AAG will give you all you need to be truly, thoroughly prepared for the next few days of competition. Without further adieu, here’s your 2019 Les 5 Etoiles de Pau field, at a glance.

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