Pau Social Media Round Up – The Preparation

Lynn Symansky and Hannah Sue Burnett made the trip to see the Eiffel Tower on their way to Pau. Photo from Lynn's Facebook.

Well, it’s here! Pau week is finally upon us. As an example of how little French pronunciation I know, I will admit that until recently (I don’t want to disclose how┬árecently) I believed that Pau was pronounced “Paw.” Real midwest of me, right? Not to worry, I have since been corrected and am proudly voicing my new found French to anyone who will listen. In other, more exciting, news, our North American riders have been settling in nicely in France in preparation for the grueling week of competition that lies ahead. Most of the horses have been kept in Chantilly, France but are now in the process of moving to the show grounds.

Donner looking very French indeed. Photo from Katie Thornton's Facebook.

Both horses and riders enjoyed final fitness preps for this year’s last CCI4* event.

R-Star enjoys a jump school in France. Photo from Alison Willaby's Facebook.

Michael attempts to convert more people over to Crossfit. Photo from Lynn Symansky's Facebook.

Meanwhile, the European-based riders have also begun their migration journey to Pau.

Clark Montgomery and Universe have safely made it to Pau. Photo from Clark's Facebook page.

Pau has also been posting photos of the gorgeous grounds and the jumps that are so painstakingly placed and decorated. This venue definitely looks to be out to impress this year, as does the weather!

Photo from the Pau Facebook page.

I also found this on Twitter – it appears a horse may need a lift to its destination at Pau. I thought I’d post it on the off-chance that someone may be able to assist.

And last but certainly not least – you cannot forget to ice your horse’s legs after a good workout! It appears that France offers many natural options for this procedure!

Icing isn't just for horses! Photo from Hawley Bennett's Facebook.

Stay tuned for many more results of my inherent social media stalking disorder. Go Pau! (That rhymes – did you know that? You can thank my excellent French pronunciation for that tidbit.)


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