Pau Social Media Roundup – Jog Day

Mensa plans his Pau domination. Photo from Alison Willaby's Facebook.

Pau is officially underway, and the North American contingent all jogged sharply today and look primed for action this weekend. The ladies for the US wore navy blue dresses with brown belts, and the gentlemen wore navy blazers. Stylin’! I like the classy combination of navy and brown. Also, a big shout out must be given to the grooms and everyone who helped prep the horses for the jog today as they all looked magnificent. Check out Jenni and Kate’s full jog report here.

Spurs, spurs, and more spurs! Photo from Lynn Symansky's Facebook.

Over in camp Symansky, you can clearly see that spurs are most definitely not on short supply! Lynn, I apologize in advance if you get a flock of people whose spurs went missing lurking around your stall!

Jenni's view from the top flying into Pau. From Jenni's Facebook page.

Kate and Jenni must surely be feeling the jet lag, but hopefully they are sleeping peacefully as I write this and not partying it up with the French!

Michael and Nathalie Pollard walk the cross country at Pau. Photo via the Pollard Eventing Facebook.

That wraps up the social media roundup from today. Dressage kicks off tomorow, so get ready for a busy weekend! Go Pau!


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