Pennsylvania Farm Placed Under Quarantine After EHV-1 Euthanizations

Creative Commons photo. Creative Commons photo.

Mile View Farm in Doylestown, Pennsylvania has been placed under a 21 day quarantine following three euthanizations due to equine herpes myeloencephalopathy, caused by the EHV-1 virus. One of the horses did compete at a hunter/jumper show prior to showing symptoms from the virus, and an investigation is currently underway to determine the timeline of the infection.

Many barn owners in the surrounding areas have asked their clients to take extra precautions when coming into contact with their horses. Since the EHV-1 virus can be transmitted from horse to horse via nasal secretions.

Here are some symptoms to be aware of for possible EHV-1 infection:

• Nasal discharge
• Incoordination
• Hind limb weakness
• Loss of tail tone
• Lethargy
• Urine dribbling
• Head tilt
• Leaning against a fence or wall to maintain balance
• Inability to rise

The virus can be spread by using contaminated items on other horses, such as buckets, tack, grooming supplies, and trailers. There are many more helpful tips and resources about EHV-1 on the AAEP journal here.

We’ll continue to bring you updates from Pennsylvania as they become available — we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that this case does not spread, and our thoughts and condolences are with those who have been affected.