Photo Challenge: 47 Creative Reader-Submitted Clips

A couple weeks ago, in response to this Horse Nation post, we challenged EN readers to show off your museum-quality body clips — and you delivered!

From imaginative full clips …

Photo submitted by Arwyn Anthony: “17 hours over two weeks and I can’t tell you how many mini clippers I burned through…”

Photo submitted by Brit Vegas Gengenbach: “My Thoroughbred, Scotchnwater.”

Photos submitted by Kelly Hageman.

Photo submitted by Jenna Stauder.

… to these meticulous quarter marks …

Photos courtesy of Erika Adams/Julie Pate.

Photo submitted by Hannah Hill: “Love my skull & cross bones!”

Photos submitted by Tori Traube: “A few of my favorites that I’ve done!”

Photos submitted by Miranda Fischer.

Photo by Kerrie Garvey: “Hunger Games theme”

Photo submitted by Amanda Barbillion.

… and this one-of-a-kind bum bow …

Photo submitted by Cara Choy.

… clearly, we have some artists in the house! Check out this gallery:

Go Eventing.