Photo Feature: #GoEventing at Galway Downs with Tina Fitch

The out-gate often provides the best shots! Photo by Tina Fitch Photography.

Time to visit the wares of another hardworking and creative show photographer, this time from Galway Downs in Temecula, Ca. Earlier this month, the popular southern California venue hosted its first international event of the season, and it’s one of the prettiest venues on the West coast with its varied backdrops and busy atmosphere.

This edition’s featured show photographer is Tina Fitch Photography, who’s been the official gal behind the lens here at Galway for a couple seasons now. Show photography isn’t just about the competition itself — it’s as much about finding the moments in between fences or after the tests, where the emotion and beauty of the sport and the venues that host it is sometimes missed.

If you’ve competed at Galway Downs this season, you can find photos from Tina Fitch here. Spring International competitors, click here to view and order your photos!

Galway Downs’ main arena boasts unique spectator seating and a backdrop of flags representing an international array of competitors. Photo by Tina Fitch Photography.

Helen Alliston and the elegant Ebay. Photo by Tina Fitch Photography.

The grand entrance into the main arena, which also plays host to international show jumping and dressage competition. There’s also a full Thoroughbred training track in operation here. Photo by Tina Fitch Photography.

Concentration, captured. Photo by Tina Fitch Photography.

The varied terrain of Temecula provides a gorgeous backdrop to the venue. Photo by Tina Fitch Photography.