Photo Gallery: Rocking Horse Top Finishers

With the fall season wrapped up north, it’s time for #EventingSunnyFl season to kick off, starting with Rocking Horse Fall Horse Trials. It was a beautifully successful day of eventing, and the fantastic Lisa Madren has kindly shared photos of top finishers from each division. Take a gander and see if you recognize any friends in the gallery.

Click here for scores.

Advanced/Intermediate: Ashlynn Meuchel and Emporium (51).

Open Intermediate A: Buck Davidson and Copper Beach (27.5)

Open Intermediate B: Kyle Carter and Reddy or Not (28.7)

Open Preliminary A: Leslie Law and Typically Fernhill (25).

Open Preliminary B: Zoe Crawford and Francelia (33.6)

Preliminary Rider: Emma Vallner and T Other Guy (35.2)

Junior Training Rider: Alice Khayami and Stracathro Solitary Minstral (28.9)

Emma Parker and Hopscotch were 2nd in the division. Photo by Lisa Madren.

Open Training A: Lesley Grant-Law and Fernhill Finalist (29.1)

Open Training B: Leslie Law and Shirsheen Ice (26.6)

Preliminary/Training: Sinead Halpin and Peregrine SF (30.8)

Senior Training Rider: Maya Wentz and FE Bail Me Out (26.4)

Junior Novice Rider: Max Rabenstein and Vianna Gray (33.3)

Max Rabenstein and Vianna Gray. Photo by Lisa Madren.

Senior Novice Rider: Caroline Miller and Ixus (28.6)