Photos Of Southern Pines II

One of my favorite things about Eventing is that every time I go to a competition, I leave with new acquaintances. Each event offers an opportunity to meet more people who are passionate about the same things that I am, and this generally helps spread the feeling of mutual happiness in our admiration of the great horses that surround us. This past weekend, I was served a dish of pure karma, when I was repaid for photos taken of a friend with new photos of my wonderful horse at his competition.

This is how I met Lauren Kennedy, of Crows Toes Photography. I was so in awe of her photography skills, that I asked to see more of what she caught at Southern Pines II, and I was not disappointed. LaurenĀ is “hopelessly, passionately, addicted to horses and photography”, and simply was excited to share her delights with the rest of us. While she is mostly a family photographer with two young children, Lauren can’t quite keep away from the beautiful allure of the horse, and we can’t really blame her! Thank you to Lauren for sharing your photos, and thank for reading!

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