Pippa Cuckson Declares WEG a ‘French Farce’

Waiting in line for inedible food. Photo by Leslie Wylie. Waiting in line for inedible food. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

As always, Pippa Cuckson has hit the nail directly on the head, this time in regards to the “French farce” that was the 2014 World Equestrian Games. Though the Games may now be over, discussion of where exactly things went wrong and how to avoid a similar calamity in the future will continue for quite some time.

Pippa, who spent the first part of the Games covering endurance in Sartilly, penned an excellent editorial for Horse Canada on the subject, which she has kindly allowed us to reference on EN. Read below for the intro paragraphs, and then click here to head over to Horse Canada to read the remainder of editorial:

“’We are truly sorry Ceri Kennedy. And everyone. We told everyone to come as early as possible, and we tried our best to make things smooth… Well it is obvious if you look at this Facebook page so [sic] it was not the case for many people. We are sorry.’ Believe it or not, this in its entirety is the grudging non-apology to the thousands of Haras du Pin refugees posted on the official Alltech WEG Facebook page on Sunday (August 31st).

“If any further evidence was required that WEG is a rampaging dinosaur — both in size and concept — and must be euthanized immediately after Bromont 2018, this is it. This event is too big to pull off from scratch unless you are Aachen.” Click here to read the rest of the editorial on Horse Canada.

Pippa has long been one of the vocal voices calling for the WEG disciplines to be split back into separate championships, as they were before the inaugural WEG in Stockholm in 1990. What do you think, EN? Is WEG sustainable in its current format? Or is it only a matter of time before the disciplines are fragmented into their own world championships once again?

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