Point Two Make Your Own Vest Contest Finalists

First of all, I think it is appropriate to thank all of our readers who participated in this contest. Contests such as these are a quick reminder of the creativity among our audience, and we pride ourselves in having a pretty solid crowd of people returning to our website. I mean, how you all come up with making an air vest out of snack food? Well, I’m impressed. So here you are dear readers, our top 12 finalists, help us choose who will be number one! Brought to you by Point Two Air Vests.

1. Angela Grzywinski


2. Claire Tyner


3. Jean Detert


4. John Mason


5. Kate Jensen


6. Kelsy Smith


7. Madelaine Hill


8. Maggie Little


9. Melinda Mueller

10. Sarah MacHarg

11. Natalie Johnson


12. Sarah Beal


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