Pony World Driving Championships Marathon Preview

Obstacle 6. Photo by Dana Diemer.

Today is the final day of dressage here in Minden, Germany. The weather has decided to be somewhat uncooperative, a steady drizzle to dampen the four in hands competing today. US drivers are taking advantage of the time off to finalize plans for marathon tomorrow.

The marathon course consists of a 5200 meter Section A, 900 meter transfer section and an 8800 meter Section B.  Total distance is 14.9 kilometers or 9.26 miles.

The eight hazards are tight, technical with the minimum clearance allowed. Routes are long. There are numerous knockdowns in each obstacle, and several with double lettered gates. The tracks, due to the compact nature of the venue, double back on one another. Proper preparation on the part of drivers and navigators will be essential for a successful run. Check out the course below:

First US driver on course tomorrow will be Miranda “Randy” Cadwell at approximately 9:30 am local.

For live results check out www.hoefnet.nl

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