UK Basketball Coach John Calipari to Appear at Rolex

Rolex horse enthusiasts better beware on Saturday morning at 9am.  The Horse Park is likely to be invaded by the Big Blue Nation as rock-star University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari will be on the grounds signing (empty) Maker’s Mark limited edition bottles to benefit charity.  The empty blue bottles will be sold for $35 to benefit the Calipari Family Foundation for Children.  Fans may begin lining up at 7am, and line tickets will be given.  Coach Cal will be signing the bottles at the Three-Day Event Shop, and proceeds go to support the UK Children’s Hospital and Equestrian Events Inc.

Those from out of state, unfamiliar with the UK basketball program, may not quite understand this bottle-signing business.  Each year, Maker’s Mark releases a special edition bourbon bottle commemorating the UK athletics program; this year happens to feature John Calipari.  The bottles initially went on sale on April 4th, and all 24,000 were sold out within two hours (folks were actually camping out at liqour stores at noon April 3!).  Coach Cal hosted a signing at Keeneland April 9th, in which more lining up chaos ensued.  The Big Blue Nation is passionate, and these bottles are a Big Deal…so don’t be surprised if there is a sudden mad rush to the Three-Day Event Shop early Saturday morning.  Cal is pretty much King here, and wherest he goes, the followers will followeth.  Hopefully they’ll stay to enjoy a great day of xc!

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