Rolex Friday Dressage Preview

Friday’s weather forecast includes a bit of everything, with thunderstorms, highs in the 60’s, and sun mid-day.  A ‘possibly severe weather’ warning is in place for Saturday.

7 combinations to keep an eye on:

Woodburn and Phillip – 9:30 AM

Arthur and Allison – 11:04

Fleceworks Mystere Du Val and Leslie – 11:12

High Patriot and Mara Dean – 11:20

Cool Mountain and William – 2:10 PM

Tipperary Liadhnan and Kim – 2:26

Ashdale Cruise Master and Oliver – 3:20

Full Ride Times

Rolex officials scheduled Oliver with rides two today to give him time to recover from his travels and give his owners time to arrive.  

-An unnamed but very reliable source told me that one of Oliver’s horses spent 30 seconds standing on his hind legs after a botched flying change during Oliver’s ride Thursday afternoon.  Pre dressage meltdown moments are typical of some horses especially as they get super fit.  Also consider that the horses flew over to the US last week and have’t had time to loosen up turned out in pasture for a few days now.  Everything I have seen of Oliver’s rides this week suggest that he is more than able to win the dressage.
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