Post-Test Rider Reflections: Friday Afternoon

Holly Jacks Smither and More Inspiration. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Samantha Clark has been a busy bee all weekend, catching riders as they get off of their horses after each test. We’re lucky to have thoughts from most of the riders on their respective tests, so here are the interviews from this afternoon:

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Savannah Fulton (66.2):

Matt Brown (47.8):

Jordan Linstedt (47.3):

Tim Price (46.9):

Doug Payne (48.6):

Boyd Martin (Steady Eddie – 46.3):

Will Faudree (47.9):

Holly Jacks Smither (57.7):

Will Coleman (Tight Lines – 54.4):

Phillip Dutton (Mr. Medicott – 44.8):

Jessica Phoenix (Bentley’s Best – 43.0):

Buck Davidson (Petite Flower – 48.1):