Post-Test Rider Reflections: Thursday Morning

“Leave the arena at a free walk on a long rein at A, while your mind races with post-test thoughts and emotions.” OK, that last part isn’t in the test, but it might as well be!

Samantha Clark has been catching riders on their way out of the Rolex main arena for exit interviews. Be sure to follow EN on Instagram (@goeventing) to watch the videos in real time as the competition unfolds.

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Katie Ruppel (46.0)

Will Coleman & Obos O’Reilly (48.8)

@willcolemanequestrian’s thoughts on his dressage test on Obos O Reilly

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Buck Davidson & Park Trader (53.6)

Lillian Heard & Share Option (51.6)

Courtney Cooper & Who’s A Star (50.0)

Courtney Cooper IS a star! She talks about her test on Who’s A Star and compares it to last year

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Sally Cousins & Tsunami (63.0)

Sally Cousins tells us she has got Tsunami as fit as she’s ever been this year

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Bunnie Sexton & Rise Against (68.3)

Go Bunnie! Rise up and Rise Against! What more can we say?!

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Selena O’Hanlon & Foxwood High (49.8)

Thursday morning leaderboard: