PPF CIC** Water Jump Videos and an EN Reader Profile

We have the best readers ever!  We say it all the time, but we really want to get the point across.  One super duper fan was nice enough to send us some videos from the CIC** at Poplar Place Farm last weekend.  Thanks to Mary Kate Mallory (GA) for sharing them with us, and her mom for shooting the footage!  MK competed in her first CIC** competition at Poplar Place Farm this weekend aboard the experienced gelding, Kilaughton.  They jumped double clear in showjumping to finish 15th!  We appreciate you sending in these videos MK, and thanks for supporting Eventing Nation.  I also hear we might be getting a very special shout out this week.  Since we love getting to know our readers, we asked MK a few questions about her first two star competition.  Photo with permission by Leslie Threlkeld

Thumbnail image for MaryKateMalloryXC.jpgHow long have you and Kilaughton been partners?

I will have been riding Kilaughton for three years this summer. 
Was this your first two star?  How was it?
This was indeed my first two star! Well, the dressage was a bit disappointing, but I had so much fun and learned so much out on cross country. The course felt like a great mix of technical and galloping while also being appropriate for the level. I know Kilaughton so well by now, and being able to predict how the fences would ride for us and then have them actually ride that way was perfect! Stadium was quite fun as well, looking at the pictures afterwards I stopped and thought “Hmm, that’s a rather large fence!” something I had not even noticed before my round!
What are your goals this year?
The CIC** this weekend was actually somewhat of a season ender for me. It has been a little bittersweet because this may also have been one of my last events with Kilaughton as he turned 16 this year. He has tried his heart out for me throughout our entire partnership and particularly this past season, so I want to give him the sound retirement he deserves. However, if he says sound and fit and happy, I would love to compete in the Intermediate division at the AECs. If not, I am being to look around for catch rides or (if I am really lucky!) a few entities willing to syndicate my next upper level horse.

Good luck Mary Kate!  Congratulations on a successful weekend, and thanks for reading!

Poplar Place CIC** Water Jump

Kyle Carter and Final Watch finished fourth in the CIC** 


Suzie Romej and Let’s Be Frank finished 14th in their first two star competition! 
Mary Kate Mallory and Kilaughton finished in 15th place. 

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