‘Prepare for Everything’ And Other Life Lessons from Lissa Green

Aside from being a successful event rider Lissa Green also has a delightful sense of humor that shines through on nearly all of her social media posts. Whilst scrolling recently, I realized I was learning a few life lessons. Here it is: Life hacks for eventers, as told by Lissa Green. If you want even more, give her at follow @lissagreen88.

1.Prepare for Everything. And that means everything, like remembering to shine even the bottom of your tall boots. You know, just in case you get photographed falling off.

2. You’re never too good to laugh at yourself.

3. With the right attitude, you can make anything work. Like, when you spend your time at the barn and not decorating for Christmas — you might have to get a little creative.

4. Never, ever stop chasing your dreams.

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Chasing dreams….. #RainbowsAndHorses

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5. Appreciate the little things, and never take your life with horses for granted.

Go Eventing.