Preview Capt. Mark Phillips’ Championship CCI4*-L Cross Country at Tryon International

We’re eagerly anticipating the final 4* cross country day of the U.S. calendar on Saturday, and once more Captain Mark Phillips is the man with the course plan for this USEF National 4* Championship field.

This year’s iteration will run in a similar direction as its 2021 predecessor, finishing on The Hill made famous at the 2018 World Equestrian Games. The optimum time is 10 minutes, 2 seconds, with 40 jumping efforts set on 30 numbered questions. For this course, Capt. Phillips has switched up a few of the combinations and made some more technical — the water combinations at 16 and 17 come to mind as set up for a higher degree of technicality than in 2021.

Keep scrolling for a peek at a few more questions, or visit the interactive preview hosted by CrossCountryApp here.

You will be able to follow the cross country competition live on the USEF Network all week. Viewers can watch live and on demand for free with a USEF Fan account or take 40% OFF an annual USEF Subscriber Membership with promo code Tryon22. Click here to view the schedule and find ride times.

Fence 16A features the first of two narrow entrances into the main water. To the right, the B and C elements of this question — two upright rails — are visible. Photo by Ema Klugman.

Fence 17A comes up quickly as you’re re-entering the same water, this time with a line of narrow questions. Photo via CrossCountryApp.

As always, the fences are beautifully built and decorated. Photo by Ema Klugman.

Hold your line for this testing question that comes late in the game, at fence 19. Photo by Ema Klugman.

Riders will jump this fence, seen on the WEG 2018 track, on their way to the final questions. Photo by Ema Klugman.

Click or tap the map to view the full, interactive course map. Screenshot via CrossCountryApp.

Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event (Mill Spring, NC): [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Shannon Brinkman Photo] [Live Stream] [Scoring]

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