PRO Blog: Doug and Jess Payne’s New Farm in Apex, N.C.

Doug Payne and Lisnahall Imperier. Photo by Samantha Clark for PRO. Doug Payne and Lisnahall Imperier. Photo by Samantha Clark for PRO.

Samantha Clark recently visited Doug and Jess Payne at their new farm in Apex, N.C., and gave us a lovely tour over on the PRO blog. After previously being based in New Jersey, Doug said the low cost of living in North Carolina attracted them to the area, and cutting costs has benefitted both them and their owners.

The cost of living is probably about a third less here, so that was a huge motivation, and by cutting our cost of living quite a bit, the goal of having horses that can contend for teams and all our goals, it should allow us to do more with the same,” Doug told PRO. “We’re very lucky in that most of the horses we have here are owned by people out of state, and they don’t really care where we are, so in turn we were able to reduce what they pay per month too.”

Doug’s top horse Crown Talisman is preparing to tackle his first CCI4* at Pau this fall after receiving a Land Rover Competition Grant, and he has quite a few other up-and-coming horses working their way through the levels too. Check out the video of “Tali” schooling at home below, and click over to the PRO blog here for the rest of the interview.

[Doug and Jessica Payne Settle Into Their N.C. Base]

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