Buck Davidson Withdraws Park Trader from WEG, Burghley

Buck Davidson and Park Trader at Fair Hill. Photo by Jenni Autry. Buck Davidson and Park Trader at Fair Hill. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Buck Davidson has just posted an update on his Facebook page with the disappointing news that he has withdrawn Park Trader from his spot as a WEG alternate as well as Burghley due to a case of tendinitis. “Kobe” was coming off a 12th-place finish at Rolex, followed by sixth place in the Advanced at the Horse Park of New Jersey in June.

From the Buck Davidson Eventing Facebook page:

I had to withdraw Park Trader aka Kobe from WEG and Burghley. He has tendinitis in a leg. He is such a nice horse and has come so far, the right thing and best thing to do is take care of him and back off hard work for a bit. He will fly home from France Saturday.

I feel terrible for Kobe most of all. Even though he has not taken a lame step, he still tries to bite me! I love him for what he is and sometimes isn’t. I am so thankful to Kobe’s owners, Carl and Cassie Segal, for everything they do for me and Kobe. I feel terrible for them. They are so classy when things go wrong. I only wish I was that good of a person. Carl said, “Our string just got cut in half in France now; we are lucky to have two at this level. You always do the best you can do. Sometimes things happen.” How lucky am I to have C&C!

Also, Aubyn Geser who takes great care of Kobe — I know she wanted redemption at Burghley! Next year I won’t fall off at the smallest jump on the course. Thanks to everyone at home that makes my life so great! Sorry guys, one more to ride!

No worries! He will be back out soon. The vets and the staff for team USA are the best! They make sure the horses’ best interest are always put before medals.

The team looks great in training here in Chantilly, France. We leave for the Games a week from today. It’s getting real now! The polish is going on and things are looking good for USA.

Park Trader was named as an alternate for WEG and traveled to France with the rest of the Team USA horses. Buck and Kobe also received a Land Rover Competition Grant for Burghley this year. Best wishes to Kobe as he recovers, and we’ll look forward to seeing him out and about once he is back in training.


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