Product Review: Correct Connect Reins

Photo courtesy of Correct Connect.

How many times as a rider have you heard from your coach or trainer, “shorten your reins!” If you have been riding or teaching riding lessons for any period of time you now this quote well. Thanks to Correct Connect, there is now a tool to help you train rein length and connection.

Correct Connect was developed by 1996 Olympic eventing team member Jill Henneberg. After competing at the top level for many years as well as coaching, Jill saw a need to help her students better understand the feel of a true consistent connection. This is when Correct Connect reins were developed.

The Correct Connect system is really easy to use, which is one of the best perks of the whole concept. The main package comes with a set of reins and gloves. The reins stick to the gloves with velcro. The velcro pieces in the gloves are strategically placed where the rein should sit in your hand and fingers. Now I know what you are thinking, what if I need to shorten or lengthen my reins during my ride? The velcro is strong, but not so strong that you cannot easy move your hand if needed.

The original glove has larger patches of velcro; there is also a Lite glove where the velcro patches are slimmer. I tried riding with both and can definitely see where for a rider that struggles with rein length the original glove would be a good place to start and as that rider gets more confident with the feel of the connection they could graduate to the Lite glove.

Buck Davidson is a huge believer in the Correct Connect system and a partial owner of the company and says that Correct Connect has helped him and his students tremendously in dressage by teaching proper rein length and allowing relaxation through the arms and elbows to create a consistent connection with the horses mouth.

Over fences many riders feel that recovery is faster and they are able to better stay with their horses over all phases of the jump.

Photo courtesy of Jimmie Schramm.

Another added bonus of the Correct Connect rein which I did not even think about until it happened while I was riding was velcro in the rain! One issue as a rider is trying to hold on to slippery reins when it is raining or your horse is particularly sweaty. The reins stayed grippy while riding and it was much easier to keep a hold of the reins and contact even though it was raining.

As if you needed another reason to try these reins out, one last added bonus is that the price is very affordable! For $99 dollars you can get the reins and gloves. I am definitely sold on this product as a training tool and also as a competitive edge in inclement weather. For any trainer or rider, check out this system and keep these as a staple in your tack room.

Visit the Correct Connect website here.

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