Product Review: Discovery Trekking Saddle Skirt

One of the worst things about riding in the winter is being stuck inside an indoor for what feels like infinity or having to go outside in inclement weather and be incredibly uncomfortable. Come February or March, when it won’t stop raining, the motivation to ride can be low. Rain makes riding a chore, ruining your tack and your fun.

Enter the Discovery Trekking Saddle Skirt — Extended Length. Made from a technical soft-shell fabric that is water and wind repellent, this is essentially a raincoat for you and your horse in one: It covers their hind end like a quarter sheet while also keeping you and your saddle dry.

While it’s keeping you warm and dry, it’s also not detrimental to your safety. The skirt only attaches to you, with combination of velcro straps and elastic adjusters that make fitting the skirt to your horse a breeze. And there’s no chance if something happens on your ride being attached to your horse in a way that could be dangerous.

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I used it recently on a downpour rainy day and my sensitive OTTB was dry as a bone with a relaxed and warm back. The problem with quarter sheets is that they can flap around and spook sensitive horses, but the woven fabric reduces any crinkle noise and the adjustability of the skirt doesn’t allow the wind to get under the skirt and blow it around.

Photo credit: Mary-Hollis Baird.

The Extended Length Saddle Skirt is an excellent product that will make your gross weather riding perfectly pleasant. The Skirt is also available in Regular Length.

The skirt retails for $179 in lightweight blue (lighter for rainy climate, not as warm) or heavier-weight black (heavier weight with a fleece backing for fall and winter riding), with a $15 add-on for reflective ribbon. Custom colors are also available, as are custom sizes beyond the standard Small (waist sizes up to 34″), Medium (waist sizes from 34″-40″) and Large (waist sizes from 40″-46″). They can make the skirt wider for people with long legs.

View more details and place your order here. You can also follow Discovery Trekking Outfitters on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Go Eventing in the rain!