Product Review: Équilibre ‘Firm Grip’ Hand Cream

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Horses are hard on hands. We’re out in the elements, we’re tugging on lead ropes and gripping reins, we’re hands-on in the truest respect. So we need a hand cream that works as hard as we do. After all, having “good hands” is the goal, right?

Équilibre, a line of cosmetics designed to benefit both equestrians and their horses, sought to create that product. Their Firm Grip Hand Cream contains “carefully chosen ingredients that pamper your skin, while also being 100% safe for animals, even soothing their senses.”

Those ingredients:

  • Organic lavender, which has a scientifically proven soothing effect on horses (and humans as well!)
  • Cocoa beans, a staple in skincare that helps nourish the skin, soothe irritation and itching, and keep it well hydrated.
  • Olives, the raw ingredient used to obtain squalane, a super-light oil that moisturizes, soothes and protects your skin.
  • … and more. Équilibre spent a great deal of time searching for the best ingredients, all of which are listed and thoroughly described on the website.

Olives, cocoa beans and lavender. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

With cold weather coming on, I always have to pay extra attention to my skincare, and hands especially. Cracks are NO BUENO. I’m excited to head into winter this year with Équilibre Hand Cream on my side, as it ticks all the boxes of what riders need to keep our mitts soft and protective year-round.

Almost but not quite as soft as your mitts, barn kitty. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

First things first, the name “Firm Grip” applies. The cream absorbs into skin quickly and leaves no greasy residue that is going to be a magnet for dirt and horse hair or be slippery on reins. All that remains after application is a pleasant, silky-smooth finish.

The next thing I noticed was its scent, a delicate aroma of lavender and rose geranium. In her “Weekly Training Tip” column last week, top eventer Kate Chadderton talked about the five senses — sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch — and how they uniquely inform horses’ and humans’ experiences of the world and one another. Smell is a big one for horses; Kate notes that horses rely on smell to find safe forage and to identify potential threats.

With that in mind, I’ve always avoided bringing potentially irritating scents, like perfume, into the barn. But it is possible to use horses’ sensitive sense of smell to our advantage; I can personally attest to the power of lavender to encourage rest and relaxation, whether as a drop of essential oil sprinkled on my pillowcase or used in a warm bath with epsom salts, so it makes sense to bring this soothing scent into the barn.

Human tested, pony approved. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

I wholeheartedly recommend Équilibre Hand Cream, and will be keeping a bottle of it by the tack cleaning station from here on out. No cracks this winter! #skincaregoals

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Learn more about Équilibre’s philosophy and check out their full line of products, which also includes a “Strong Start” Face Cream and “Smooth Ride” Body Lotion, at the website here. Find a local partner store near you here.

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