Product Review: Horseware Ireland Rambo Cozy Fleece

The Rambo Cozy Fleece looks and feels stunning on any horse. Photo by Kate Samuels.

Brrr, it’s getting cold in here! With freshly clipped horses abounding, it’s time to dig out the warm and toasty rugs for the incoming winter weather. Most of our horses are still in full work, which means they’re now naked and getting baths after sweating from their workouts. This is where the Horseware Ireland Rambo Cozy Fleece comes in, and you’ll never want for another winter fleece again.

If ever there was an aptly named blanket, this is the one. Let me tell you, cozy doesn’t even begin to describe the texture of this blanket. I want to steal it from my horse and wrap up in it myself! It is literally the most snuggly. The Rambo Cozy Fleece is made from high quality double bonded, anti-pilling fleece and features a stylish and snug padded collar to keep in the warmth.

This blanket is perfect for when you’ve finished your ride and it’s just too chilly for a light irish knit to do the job. It is warm and cozy, but it’s not overbearing and heavy. It’s greatĀ for using both in the barn, or in the trailer traveling to a show or a lesson. Because of the special anti-pill material, you also don’t have to worry about this fleece falling apart on you, or turning into a strange surface over time.

The Rambo Cozy Fleece features the classic cut and design that we all know and love from Horseware, and includes double front closures and cross surcingles to keep it well fitted and properly adjusted for movement around the stall.

I also admit that I really love the royal blue color, as it tends to look handsome on almost all colors of horses, and the detailing of the checkerboard pattern on the inside gives it an extra pop.

The rolled neckpiece on this blanket is also really wonderful, as it keeps the warmth in and goes a little further up the neck than most coolers. This is a wonderful feature for horses with big shoulders like mine, because he always falls prey to the dreaded slip back with lower cut blankets, leaving his chest open and exposed to the clasps in the front.

I love this blanket, and highly recommend it without reservations. It’s also on sale right now for $179 through Horseware Ireland, but can also be found at many of your local tack stores.