Product Review: Horze Supreme Dark Reflective Saddle Pad

Image courtesy of Horze. Image courtesy of Horze.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always paranoid about safety. I perhaps take it to the next level and am probably my barn manager’s nightmare, but I also pride myself on anticipating problems and trying to head them off at the pass.

When I began reviewing products for Horze, I was impressed from the outset by the array of products they have available for both horse and rider. One such category is that of reflective gear. Reflective gear isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind for many equestrians, but there are many options for every possible need through Horze.

While I do have an indoor arena at home, our farm is also situated along a busy road and there are often times when I will hack out in the front fields. While we’ve never had any problems with traffic, it’s always beneficial to be safety-conscious, which is where the Horze Supreme Dark Reflective Saddle Pad comes into play.

I opted to try the Horze Supreme Reflective Saddle Pad because I felt it gave us great visibility in low light and dark environments without adding too much extra gear to my horse. The saddle pad has two reflective stripes on either side to increase our visibility should a car come up near us.

The reflective strips are great in that they blend in with the black color of the pad during the day, which means you don’t get any annoying sunlight reflection blinding your friends when you ride past. But as soon as the light is low, they kick in with a nice and unobtrusive glow that is just enough to warn drivers and passersby that you are near.

The other great thing about the Reflective Saddle Pad is the fact that it’s a nicely manufactured pad as well. In addition to providing safety elements, the pad is also designed with the horse’s comfort in mind. Made from breathable cotton and designed with clearance for higher withers, the pad ensures that the fit underneath your saddle is correct and doesn’t induce higher than normal sweating.

I was pleased to find that even on a warm day, the black material of the saddle pad didn’t make my horse sweat anymore than usual. That is something you always worry about when using darker colored material, but I’m happy to report that this pad is quite breathable and lightweight, which means wearing it during the summer shouldn’t be an issue.

This pad is a great value for all of the conveniences it has. While I believe you can’t truly put a price on safety, I think the $34.95 price point of the pad is perfect and worth every penny.

The Horze Supreme Dark Reflective Saddle Pad is available in All Purpose and Dressage sizes, and you can find more Horze Reflective Gear options here.