Product Review: Majyk Equipe Color Elite XC Boots

Mia models the Majyk Equipe Color Elite XC Boots in Azure Blue. Photo by Jenni Autry. Mia models the Majyk Equipe Color Elite XC Boots in Azure Blue. Photo by Jenni Autry.

If you’ve watched Phillip Dutton, Boyd Martin and Lauren Kieffer compete at an event recently, you’ve likely spotted their horses sporting colorful cross country boots. These U.S. Olympians trust Majyk Equipe to keep their horses’ legs protected on course, and the new Color Elite XC Boots mean event riders can choose both color and safety when selecting boots.

The talented team at Majyk Equipe pioneered the concept of using a thermoplastic polyurethane outer shell to create superior leg protection, and since then they have continued to perfect the design to develop one of the most technologically advanced cross country boots on the market. The fact that the Color Elite XC Boots come in four great shades — Atomic Orange, Azure Blue, Scarlett Red and Tiffany Turquoise — sweetens the deal.

When Majyk Equipe launched these boots at this year’s Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event with the slogan “We’re Bringing XC Back,” we jumped at the chance to try them out. The beautiful, bright color palette of the boots strikes you right off the bat when you first look at them, but it’s the attention to detail and advanced design quality inside the boots that really sets them apart.


Multiple layers of TPU used in manufacturing the boots creates unrivaled impact protection, starting with a rip-stop TPU layer on the water-repellent outer shell of the boots. Majyk Equipe also added their “forever clean” breathable coating to the outer shell of the boots, which makes it easy to wipe away mud, dirt and other debris.

Inside the boots, a four-way TPU shield flexes with the horse’s movement but also hardens on impact to create a protective barrier. Directly behind the TPU shield, 2 millimeters of a revolutionary material called ARTi-LAGE adds an additional protective layer. ARTi-LAGE is a soft foam in its normal state, but when struck the foam alters its molecular structure to harden, which deflects impact and disperses energy.

The hind boots feature a double layer of both the flexible TPU shield and ARTi-LAGE at the front of the boot to provide additional protection for the cannon bone. The interior bio-foam lining of the boots is also designed to resist heat build-up while still allowing air to circulate through the leg.

With so many protective layers packed into the boot, you might think that they would feel heavy and stiff, but they are no heavier than any other cross country boots I’ve tried, and I actually found them more flexible than the boots I previously had been using. The Color Elite XC Boots are easy to apply thanks to sturdy Velcro straps, and the double stitching and binding also boosts the durability factor.

Lauren Kieffer and Veronica. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Veronica wearing Majyk Equipe Color Elite XC Boots in Atomic Orange at this year’s Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Considering the myriad of technological and safety features built into the Color Elite XC Boots, it’s no surprise that three of the four members of our U.S. Olympic team use them (and we love that Majyk Equipe supports the team). Lauren Kieffer said, “I love Majyk Equipe boots because they offer the best protection for my horses’ legs while also being comfortable for them. I know I can trust their boots.”

Phillip Dutton’s barn manager and head groom Emma Ford said Majyk Equipe offers “everything I look for in a cross country boot. They are breathable, lightweight, have tendon guard protection and are easy to fit to multiple types of horses.”

Boyd Martin has worked with Majyk Equipe to develop his own line of cross country boots and also used the Color Elite XC Boots this season. “Having worked alongside Majyk Equipe for many years, I can personally say that they are firmly committed to using the very best materials and technology in their boots,” he said.

Boyd Martin and Blackfoot Mystery. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Blackfoot Mystery wearing Majyk Equipe Color Elite XC Boots in Azure Blue at this year’s Rolex Kentucky Thee-Day Event. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

While the cutting-edge technological features found in the Color Elite XC Boots gives reason enough to consider adding them to your tack trunk, we also appreciate Majyk Equipe’s promise to customers that they will “continue innovating, improving and researching new ideas and materials as they become available.”

The Color Elite XC Boots retail at $99.99 for the fronts and $115.99 for the hinds, which come in sizes medium and large. Majyk Equipe is also currently offering a special promotion: one free backpack with every pair of boots you buy. Click here to view Majyk Equipe’s full line of boots and order your own pair.

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