Product Review: Malte Full Seat Breech by USG

Welcome to EN's Product Review Just for Men's Series! There has been a gap in the world of equine fashion, and that gap is great apparel products for the guys. As an equestrian myself, I love giving new gear a try, especially when its just for men. Follow along as I search for and try out the featured products in a personal quest for great apparel. In this series I will make no recommendations, but I do hope you will enjoy reading about my journey and personal experiences as I try new products that can only be found in the men's section.

These breeches combine great style with amazing function. Photo by Lorraine Peachey. These breeches combine great style with amazing function. Photo by Lorraine Peachey.

Its hard to say I have a true preference when it comes to breeches. As any male rider knows, finding more than a few different choices is often a very hard task. As I continue on this crusade to unearth the unknown, I find myself starting to have a type, a favorite style and features I naturally gravitate towards.

I have come to learn that I have a choice when it comes to the breeches I decide to wear. I have also leaned that what works in regards to women’s clothing often has no place in the men’s world of clothing. Men’s clothing does not include terms like whimsical, sparkle or bling. The men’s line does not have fun designs, patterns or pictures.

This lack of whimsy can often lead to dull and bland, which normally spans the three color men’s breech spectrum of black, white and beige. So when I see a company is offering a choice of more than those three colors and style that steps out of the ordinary box, my attention is what you have.

Enter the Malte Full Seat Breech by USG, which is far and away from the typical men’s breech. Color beyond the normal three is the catalyst of my new infatuation with these breeches. Their fit and finish is what continues to keep these breeches in my riding apparel rotation.

When you first pick up the Malte, you know you have picked up something that is true quality. The material, composed of 70% cotton 25% microfiber and 5% spandex, has a great feel to it with the right amount of stretch that wont hinder movement of an active rider.

Pockets! Yes, it is worth celebrating a thing that seem so small, but pockets are awesome on a men’s breech. Photo by Lorraine Peachey.

These breeches feature something that is a must have for me: pockets. But USG did no leave it at one or two, but designed the Malte with four pockets both front and back.  On the front are two slanting zippered pockets that ensure the contents do not leave unless you want them to. On the back are two snap closure hip pockets that can hold the average man’s wallet.

When I first put on the breech, I was overcome with a feeling of quality as the breech fit wonderfully. It moved in all the right places and did not pull in all the wrong ones. This movement allowed me to be able to ride in a jump saddle as well as my dressage saddle without any issue or binding.

The full seat is made up of a synthetic Clarino material that offers great durability and super grip in the saddle. USG also designed the breeches to be longer on the leg, making sure the cuff of the breech did not bind or cause any discomfort while in the boot.

The Malte Full Seat Breech by USG is available in the USA from KL Select in sizes 32-42R, as well as 32-42L. The breech is available in two color choices: Brown and Camel (pictured) and Anthrazit. This awesome breech retails for $170 and can be found here.

Go Great Options for Men. Go USG from KL Select. Go Eventing.