Product Review: Noble Outfitters’ Best Dang Boot Socks & Perfect Fit Gloves

Images courtesy of Noble Outfitters.

I have terrible feet. I’m an equestrian who spends too much time in my boots, and I’m a runner. (Well. Sometimes. Off and on. Occasionally.) Anyway … I have terrible feet. Think broken toes, high arches, and ohmygosh! a bunion! So I am always on the lookout for whatever will make my feet the most comfortable (if that’s even possible!) and I am obsessed with socks.

Boot socks. I love socks with super cool patterns and really pretty colors, especially socks that match my cross country colors. However, because I have terrible feet what I am always searching for is comfortable boot socks. I found that very thing from Noble Outfitters. It’s called the Best Dang Boot Sock. And boy, they are!

Noble Outfitters raves that with all the extra features in these socks, you’ll be comfortable all day. They aren’t lying. I am now the proud owner of three pairs of these socks, and I am sold. They have a padded foot bed that runs from toe to heel, and if you haven’t ever worn padded socks before, you are missing out! It is amazing what a little bit of extra cushion can do for you feet. The top of the sock is made of a mesh panel that adds extra breathability to the already moisture-wicking fabric which is great on even the hottest days. In addition, there is a compression band that goes around the foot at the arch that is wonderful for folks with high arches (like me!) but also helps hold the socks in place.

At $9.95 a pair, you simply cannot go wrong with these socks. The one downside to what would otherwise be not just “the best dang” but the perfect sock, is the colors offered. Nothing flashy or exciting here. Just your basic black, dark navy, white and brown. But hey, nobody’s perfect, right? And they do come in medium, large, and extra large to fit almost any foot. Pretty dang good, if you ask me.

In addition to the crew sock pictured above, the socks are available in over-the-calf and ankle sock styles.

OK, so now that your feet are taken care of, what about your hands? Meet Michelle’s obsession, part two: gloves. I grew up with a trainer who would not let us ride unless we were wearing gloves. In my old age, I will occasionally venture out, get brave and ride gloveless, but not very often. Old habits die hard.

Since I started riding again as an adult, I’ve had expensive gloves and cheap gloves, technical gloves and simple gloves, summer gloves, winter gloves, LOTS of black gloves and pretty much “you name it” gloves. In Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit gloves, I have finally found a really good all-around glove that is affordable and durable and can go easily from schooling to show.

What the Best Dang Boot Sock was lacking in the color department, the Perfect Fit Glove makes up for. In fact, color was what initially drew me to them. I was looking for something bright and fun for everyday schooling. Noble Outfitters rotates patterns and colors each season. At the time they were offering a floral print that perfectly matched my cross country color scheme. That pattern has since expired, but it was around long enough to get me hooked on these gloves. Basic colors like black and brown are routinely offered, but if you’re looking for a something with a little or a lot of zing, you can try mint geo (pictured above) blue racing shadow horse (new for fall) or fig mosaic. Solid colors like French Provence Blue and Blackberry are also available making a total of 13 options to choose from.

According to their website, Noble Outfitters says these gloves are armed with a suregrip synthetic suede palm, a breathable jersey material, and reinforced forefinger, thumb and pinky. They are definitely durable, and even better, affordable! At $19.95 a pair you can definitely afford more than one, perhaps a black pair for stadium, a blue pair for cross country, a patterned pair for home … oops. That’s me.

Anyway, these gloves are pretty close to perfect. I have small hands (a size 6) so I really hate bulk, and these gloves are strong with double stitching, but light weight and they fit my hands, well, like a glove. I love that. Additionally, if you’re tied to your phone while riding or need access to it because you’re at the barn alone, no need to take them off to use technology. The Perfect Fit glove is equipped with touchscreen compatibility. A super cool feature to have.

So, if you’re at all like me, obsessed with comfort for your feet and colorful fit for your hands, while staying on a budget, check Noble Outfitters out. Their socks and gloves (and other great items) are available via the Noble Outfitters website and on a wide variety of horse-related websites. I think you’ll be glad you did!

Go Eventing.