Product Review: Rambo Summer Series Turnout Blanket

Don’t let the title fool you, this is the perfect turnout sheet for awkward fall weather. The Rambo Summer Series Turnout is the ultimate blanket to use for spring, summer and fall. The features on this blanket are about as customizable as you can get for weather that changes throughout the day, and you’ll never look back once you’ve got one to call your own.

Let’s start with the basic design, which is as innovative as I’ve ever seen. This blanket has a lightweight waterproof back covering, but a net body, which means that it both protects your horse from possible rain, but also remains breathable. The waterproof top is also incredibly soft, and while it doesn’t feel rugged on the fingertips, it is as durable as all the other Horseware turnouts.

The main cool thing about this blanket is the removable 100g liner that follows the lines of the soft-shell along the back and loins of your horse. You can see in the photo below that it covers all the important core areas of your horse’s back to carry him from warm days into slightly chilly nights. This liner has multiple fastening points, with velcro in the front and back, and buttons along the lower edges that keep it secured to the outer blanket. It is very easy to remove and replace, as you so desire with the changing weather.

The neck cover for the Rambo Summer Series Turnout is also easily removable, but don’t worry about your horse getting rubs on the withers or mane. This neck cover has a polyester mane protection strip, and an improved wither darts that offer enhanced neck and wither freedom to help prevent wither pressure and rubs. There is also a soft lining for the chest and shoulders that is designed to prevent unsightly rubs in that area.

The fit on this blanket is also really good, with leg arches and plenty of room for big shoulders when they are moving around the paddock. It features two elasticated belly surcingles, a nice covering tail flap, and a wipe clean tail cord. No more poop butt (you know what I’m talking about)!

The Rambo Summer Series Turnout also has my favorite type of front closure, double snaps alongside two sets of double velcro. My horse has really big shoulders, and if he doesn’t have this kind of closure up front, the blanket is pulled back and the velcro is undone, and then he’s left with straight metal buckles on his skin. Not comfortable in the least.

The neck cover features double velcro closures that ensure that it stays in place even if your horse decides to roll 20 times and then take a few laps of honor around the field.

This blanket is the perfect mix between a cool coat, a fly sheet and a lightweight turnout, making it useful for all different seasons and well worth the purchase. Especially if you have horses that have sensitive skin or are turned out during the day with varying weather and temperatures, this blanket could really change your world. It’s on sale right now, too! You can find it on the Horseware website for only $199.