Product Review: The EquiVisor

Photo by Kody Laseter.

Over the last few years, the horse world has become much more defensive against the dangers of excess sun. Sun shirts and daily SPF application are en vogue, and with these healthy trends came even more sun coverage in the form of helmet visors. Other disciplines have enjoyed them for years, but only recently have the “duck bill” additions become popular across the eventing scene.

It took me a while to get here, but now I’m a complete sun visor convert, specifically, I use the EquiVisor.

Photo by Kody Laseter.

The best thing about it? It does what it’s designed to do: blocks the sun. It protects my face and neck, but it also means I don’t have to wear sunglasses when I ride. I rarely go outside without sunglasses (I literally cannot see!), but I have yet to find any that stay snug on my enormous head while posting the trot or jumping, so the EquiVisor is a nice alternative.

I did find it took a few rides to get accustomed to the visor. As with any large brim, you do lose a bit of upward visibility, but not in any way that affects your ride, and honestly I need as many reminders as possible to look up.

EquiVisor’s “one size fits all” velcro. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Another great feature: It fits a variety of helmet sizes and styles. The easy velcro closure means you can slap this thing on in a matter of seconds for protection from the sun. Since I do sometimes ride in different helmets, this makes it easy for me to use a visor on every ride.

I use the EquiVisor with my both my Charles Owen Pro II Skull Cap (pictured) and my Charles Owen AYR8. Though other reviews say it works better on helmets with a brim, I haven’t had any flyaways while wearing my skull cap, and the visor has stayed put through wind, rain, cross country schooling and trail riding in Georgia. All that is possible thanks to the anti-slip band on the inside.

I did have to use a bit of trial and error to get the perfect fit. Basically, you want to get that sucker as tight as possible, and this is done most easily by attaching the visor once you’re already wearing your helmet. You can also attach it a bit higher than you’re planning to wear it, then shimmy it down for an ultra-snug fit.

Though it has many benefits — if I’m being honest, the affordable price point was one of the most attractive features. Our friends at SmartPak offer the EquiVisor starting at $35.95, making it a relatively inexpensive addition to your #OOTD that doubles as skin protection. It comes in black, navy and jute, which is a straw-like look. Click here to find it from SmartPak.

Go eventing.