Protect YourSELFIE and Win a Point Two Vest!

P2 Win This REVSD

To celebrate Rolex and YOU, our loyal readers, our fabulous sponsor Point Two is once again helping us give away a Pro Air Vest.

Introducing …

the Point Two Protect Your SELFIE Contest!

How do you play?

Snap a pic of exactly what you’re protecting when you zip into a vest — yourself.

Hit us with your best Rolexy shot and you could win a brand new Pro Air!

What exactly do we mean by “Rolexy”?

We mean of, or pertaining to, the Rolex event, the Rolex venue, Rolex horses and riders, Rolex wear and/or Rolex dreams, of course.

Not "Rolexy"

Not “Rolexy.” You must show some Rolex four-star flair.

If you’re lucky enough to be at the Kentucky Horse Park this week, there are tons of opportunities. Selfie with Bruce Davidson? He’s always conveniently posing with Eagle Lion. Perhaps an underwater selfie with snorkel in the Head of the Lake?

For readers stuck at home, there are still plenty of ways to Rolex-ify your selfie (even on the off chance you don’t have a real Rolex to wear in the pic). Prance for your own personal jog up. Get creative with leftover Peeps. Victory gallop for an audience of one.

Check out these entries in the Selfie Olympics for inspiration. We know you can do better than these people when a POINT TWO AIR VEST is on the line.

Protect YourSELFIE ideas are probably already popping into your mind, expanding like Point Two air jackets. (But maybe without the pffffft!)

Go forth, Eventing Nation, and selfie!

The contest begins in .2 seconds ….



First Place: Point Two ProAir

Second Place: $200 Point Two gift certificate

Third Place: $100 Point Two gift certificate

Email your Protect YourSELFIE to [email protected] with “Protect YourSELFIE” in the subject line.

Deadline: Sunday, April 27 at 5 p.m. EST.

Readers will vote on their favorites beginning Tuesday, April 29.

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