Red Hills Advanced/CCI4*-S Live Cross Country Updates

The Shire Coffin. Photo by Shems Hamilton/Red Hills.

Welcome to cross country day at Red Hills International Horse Trials in Tallahassee, Florida! There is no live stream, but I will be running live updates for both the Advanced and CCI4*-S divisions. Keep refreshing this page for updates. The Advanced starts at 11:04 a.m. EST, followed immediately by the CCI4*-S at 12:07 p.m. EST.

Mike Etherington-Smith is the course designer for the CCI4*-S/Advanced course, with David O’Connor serving as assistant designer. The CCI4*-S course is 3,760 meters long with 35 total jumping efforts and an optimum time of 6 minutes, 36 seconds. Click here for a preview of the CCI4*-S course. The Advanced course is 3,770 meters long with 34 total jumping efforts and an optimum time of 6 minutes, 37 seconds. Click here for a preview of the Advanced course.

We wish safe trips to all. Go Eventing.


11:08: We are running about four minutes behind schedule. Boyd Martin and Kyra are on course now.

11:14: Boyd Martin and Kyra completed clear with 4.4 time penalties.

11:15: Emma Partridge and Max Attack picked up a runout at the corner at 4B.

11:19: Jennie Brannigan and Twilightslastgleam completed with 14.4 time penalties in the horse’s first Advanced.

11:23: Whitney Mahloch and Military Mind are home clear and inside the time!

11:24: Emma and Max Attack completed with 20 jumping and 20.4 time penalties.

11:30: Clear with 6.0 time penalties for Jessica Phoenix and Bogue Sound.

11:32: Clear with 6.4 time penalties for Liz Halliday-Sharp and Cooley Quicksilver.

11:36: Clear with 6.8 time penalties for Joe Meyer and Buccaneer.

11:37: Alex Green has retired Fernhill Limited Edition after picking up two runouts at the Springhouse Corners at fence 22.

11:40: Jane Papke and Norman unfortunately parted ways at some point after the second water.

11:44: Clear with 10.0 time penalties for Boyd Martin and On Cue.

11:48: Maya Black and FE Black Ice picked up a runout at 10C, the skinny wedge at the top of the Jump For Maui Jim steps. They went clear over the alternative.

11:49: Clear with 17.6 time for Meghan O’Donoghue and Palm Crescent.

11:51: Clear with 20.4 time penalties for Lillian Heard and LCC Barnaby.

11:54: Maya Black and FE Black Ice complete with 20 jumping and 11.6 time penalties.

11:56: Clear with 13.6 time penalties for Ashley Johnson and Tactical Maneuver.

11:58: Clear with 13.2 time penalties for Gabrielle Ruane and Lismakeera Brewski.

12:01: Clear with 5.2 time penalties for Jennie Brannigan and FE Lifestyle.

12:02: Ryan Wood fell from Woodstock Bennett early on course but is OK.

12:05: Will Coleman and Tight Lines are home clear with 14.0 time penalties.

12:11: Clear with 12.8 time penalties for Boyd Martin and Long Island T. That moves stablemate Kyra into the lead.


12:15: We are rolling right along with the CCI4*-S and running just a few minutes behind schedule.

12:19: Clayton Fredericks and FE Stormtrooper are on course.

12:26: Our trailblazers, Clayton and FE Stormtrooper, jumped clear with 15.6 time penalties.

12:30: Clear with 3.2 time penalties for Nilson Moreira da Silva and Magnum’s Martini.

12:32: Katherine Coleman fell from Billy Bandit at fence 20A, the first of the double corners. They are both ok.

12:36: Clear with 8.8 time penalties for overnight leaders Hannah Sue Burnett and Harbour Pilot. That means the entire top 10 can all move up with fast rounds. It’s anyone’s game!

12:39: Clear with 6.0 time penalties for for Jacob Fletcher and Van Gough.

12:42: Joe Meyer and Johnny Royale completed clear with 2.4 time penalties.

12:45: Clear with 14.8 time penalties for Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti.

12:46: Clear with 6.8 time penalties for Madeline Scott and Crosby’s Gold.

12:48: A refusal at 10A for Felix Vogg and Cayenne and clear on the second attempt.

12:52: Clear with 22.8 time penalties for Caroline Martin and Cristano Z in the horse’s first CCI4*-S.

12:54: Felix Vogg and Cayenne complete with 20 jumping and 12.8 time.

12:56: Brandon McMechan and Oscar’s Wild completed clear with 7.2 time penalties.

12:59: Clear with 9.2 time penalties for Kim Liddell and Eye of the Storm.

1:04: Clear with 21.2 time penalties for Michael Nolan and SBT Good Guy.

1:06: Jon Holling and Dushi Terma completed with 14.4 time penalties and 11 jumping penalties for breaking a frangible pin jumping into the first water.

1:07: Mia Farley fell from BGS Firecracker at 20B. They are ok.

1:10: Daniela Moguel and Cecelia completed clear with 20.0 time penalties.

1:14: Selena O’Hanlon and Foxwood High complete inside the time! They are your overnight leaders.

1:18: Leslie Law and Voltaire de Tre completed with 12.0 time penalties and 11 frangible penalties for breaking a pin at the first water.

1:19: Sandra Donnelly and Belshazzar picked up a runout at 10A, the jump into the first water, and a runout at fence 13 at Goliath’s Gap, the angled brush over the ditch. (Update: They were later marked as having fallen.)

1:27: Clear with 8.4 time penalties for Clayton Fredericks and FE Ophelia.

1:29: Jacob Fletcher and Atlantic Domino also caught the time!

1:33: Clear with 22.0 time penalties for Caroline Martin and Spring Easy, the final pair on course.

1:34: All times are provisional and subject to change. Check for final scores and stay tuned for the full report.

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