Red Hills Dressage Results: Mara Dean and Nicki Henley Leading

(1) As expected, the CIC3*-W has a star-studded leaderboard with Nicki Henley and Mara Dean leading on a 42.6.  Tru Luck, Merloch, Mandiba, and Arthur round out the top 5, which is separated by 7.8 points.  For those of you who don’t recall the name, Nicki Henley is a former Rolex horse with a lot of top finishes on his record, and he resumed eventing last fall after some time away from the sport.  Mara and Nicki Henley were in 3rd after the dressage and show jumping in the Advanced at Pine Top last weekend, which was a combined test for them.
(2) With so many great horses grouped so closely together, the CIC3* is anybody’s game at this point, and I anticipate that it will come down to the always challenging Red Hills show jumping on Sunday.
(3) Mara Dean had a great start to her weekend on multiple horses, and is leading 3 divisions after the dressage; the CIC3*-W on Nicki Henley, the OI on High Patriot, and the OP on Chequers Macon.  This is especially impressive since Mara only has 4 horses competing, and the 4th is sitting 6th in the OP.  Mara is regarded by many eventers (including me) as one of the best dressage riders and coaches in our sport, and it’s great to see her in a strong position going into the weekend.
(4) Buck Davidson’s extremely talented and B-listed My Boy Bobby delivered a 34.7 to lead the advanced before withdrawing, which leaves Ashley Adams and Vaunted in the lead.  Buck and Ballnoecastle RM are sitting 9th in the CIC3* on a 56.4.

(5) EN guest writer Hananh Burnett clearly received the help of some serious EN karma by kindly sending us an update last night and she leads the CIC** with St. Barths on a 46.4.  No, I don’t think that either fact; that they won both a CIC2* and a CCI2* last year before writing for EN, or that Nike has developed a freakishly nice trot defeats my theory that their lead is the result of ENK.  As anyone will attest, ENK is a scientifically proven fact.
(6) Will Coleman is dominating the CIC* with All The Buzz, Vancouver, and Drummer’s Call all in the top 5. 
(7) Imtiaz Anees and Interwin are leading the 4-horse field in the CIC3* (non World Cup) by 8 points over Elissa Estes and Medici.
Red LinksRed Hills is part of the new HSBC World Cup, which Oliver Townend won last year, before deciding to ride Carousel Quest on the Pau XC.  Man, I have been desperately looking for a way to fit that video in recently.  
The top 10 ways Red Hills is not like your local event


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