Register for the First Paris Olympics Ticket Draw

An artist’s interpretation of the Opening Ceremony flotilla. Image courtesy of Paris 2024/IOC.

Hoping to attend the Paris Olympics in 2024? Your first chance has finally come to snap up some tickets to the biggest competition of the next four years, with the opening of the first draw opportunity.

This first draw for tickets will be for those spectators who want to see multiple sessions of sport: successful applicants will get the chance to buy tickets for three sessions, with all sports and seating tiers available for purchase in what’s been dubbed a ‘Make Your Games’ pack. Nearly 10 million tickets will be made available for purchase across the various sales windows, and 750 total sessions of sport will take place throughout the Games, as well as the exciting Opening Ceremony, which will be held along the River Seine, and the Closing Ceremony.

The equestrian sports at Paris 2024 will take place at the Palace of Versailles.

The draw, which opened on December 1st, will remain in situ until January 31, giving you ample opportunity to get your name on the list for a shot at tickets for the Paris Games. Those who are accepted from the draw will be granted a 48-hour window within which to purchase tickets for their sessions of choice during February and March — though another draw will open in March to give those who miss out in round one another shot at getting into the room where it happens come 2024, with individual tickets available during the second draw. If you want to guarantee your tickets, and you’ve got deep pockets to do so, there are also some very cool hospitality packages available.

Those wishing to put their name in the hat will need to do so via the official Olympic ticketing site. No other website has permission to sell Olympic tickets, so beware if you see a deal that looks too good to be true — it almost certainly is. This method of sale might make it slightly harder to get your hands on your tickets, but it does stop scalpers from snapping up all the seats and gouging prices, which anyone who’s tried to buy Taylor Swift concert tickets lately will be all too familiar with.

To learn more about the Make Your Games packs, click here — or to go ahead and sign up for the draw, click here. Bonne chance!


EN’s pre-Paris coverage is brought to you with support from Zoetis Equine. 

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