Retired Racehorse Training Project: One of the Chosen

Meet my new OTTB mare, Horizontal Love, aka Sexy. The horse I will be using for the RRTP Trainer Makeover.

As many of you know from reading my posts, Thoroughbreds play a  huge role in my life as an eventing trainer and rider.  I am a huge fan of the breed, and I love bringing them along after the track.

This year, the Retired Racehorse Training Project has a new Trainer Makeover going on.  A friend of mine passed along the information and application to me and suggested that I apply.  Low and behold, I was chosen to be one of the 26 trainers.  I am super excited about the opportunity.

I would love for everyone at Eventing Nation to be able to follow along with myself and the other trainers in this showcase of the American Thoroughbred Racehorse.  The trainers range from a 12 year old girl to eventers to hunter/jumpers to western riders.  It should be a great example of the adaptability and work ethic of this great breed.

Here are a few links to specific eventer pages:

My Personal Page

Daniel Clasing

Lara Borson Knight

Alexandra Knowles

Erin Sylvester

Cathy Wieschoff

I think everyone that has been picked is probably as excited as I am.  I have already gotten started by picking my OTTB.  You can read my first blog here!


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