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Steuart Pittman is well-known for his remarkable Thoroughbred eventing stallion, Salute the Truth.  I had the pleasure of meeting Steuart at an Area VIII young rider clinic several years ago, and still remember that dressage lesson well.  He has a great knack for working with riders on all types of horses, but he has a special love for Thoroughbreds.  The following announcement was sent to the EN mailbox, and we are happy to pass it on.  I’m excited to see where the program will go, and thankful for such a great resource for OTTBs.  Go eventing and go Thoroughbreds!



The Retired Racehorse Training Project

The Retired Racehorse Training Project (RRTP) is a charitable organization whose mission is to increase demand for Thoroughbred ex-racehorses through public education and promotion.
The group was founded by Steuart Pittman, an event rider who operates Dodon Farm in Maryland and stands the Thoroughbred eventing stallion Salute the Truth.
The website includes a Trainer Directory of professionals who work with ex-racehorses; a Sources For Horses listing of non-profit placement groups, farms, racetracks, and classifieds; and a Bloodline Brag where everyone can enter their ex-racehorse with pedigree, competition record, and assessment of characteristics. It can be found online at
In addition to the Trainer Challenge, the RRTP plans clinics, symposia, online educational resources, and an Apprenticeship Program for aspiring professional trainers who can demonstrate outstanding riding skills.

The Retired Racehorse Trainer Challenge
The Trainer Challenge brings three professional sport horse trainers together with three horses who know nothing but what they learned at the tracks. The horses and riders will meet for the first time at the Maryland Horse World Expo on January 21 and 22 in Timonium.  Riders will take their horses home for five weeks, chronicling their training progress through blogs and video on the RRTP website.  Then Saturday, February 25 the trainers and horses will appear at the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo in Harrisburg to demonstrate to the crowd what they have accomplished.  It should be a terrific educational opportunity for all who work with OTTBs. 

Contact: Steuart Pittman
[email protected]

Retired Racehorse Training Project
440 Dodon Road, Davidsonville, MD 21035



Link to full press release [HERE]

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