Road to Rebecca, Presented by Bieman de Haas: Lights, Camera, Action!

We're excited to follow along with Bieman de Haas sponsored rider Holly Jacks-Smither and More Inspiration as they compete in the CCI3* at The Event at Rebecca Farm. Joining her on this adventure are sisters Ella and Eva Marquis, who are representing Canada at NAJYRC. Read all of their blogs here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Front row from left: Autumn Smith, Victoria Tkacs, Emma Duncan, Brittany Hensman, Penny Rowland, Ella Marquis. Back row from left: Annick Niemueller, April Simmonds, Eva Marquis, Emily Thompson, Tosca Holmes-Smith, Anne-Sophie Levesque.

We can’t say enough about the beautiful Montana scenery and hospitality at The Event at Rebecca farm. It is simply world class on every level. We want to give a great big Canadian thank you to the organizers, sponsors and patrons for everything you’ve done to make this happen!

The competition kicked in to gear with the parade of teams of Wednesday, with each team sporting their team colours and outfits and making their way to the massive polo field. The announcers introduced teams and riders and spoke of the importance of this championship as a huge achievement in and of itself and an important development step shared by many current Olympians and top riders in the sport. We had a great time in the parade with all the competitors, and it gave us a chance to relax and soak in the whole experience.

And then came the stressful part. The Jog. The first horse inspection where the ground jury decides if your horse is fit to compete or not. Accepted or not accepted. Those words will make or break the day!  And sometimes they keep you guessing by putting your horse in the hold box.

It’s not all stress. The jog also gives the riders a chance to get dressed up and dote on the horses to get them ready. Thanks to our teammate Tosca, who got us a very nice Canadian themed jog outfit, a white skirt and a red shirt that looked very nice. You want to make a good first impression.

Fortunately, none of our Canadian team horses were sent to the hold box. Everyone was accepted on first presentation! We could all sleep well in advance of dressage.

Hair? Check! Teammate Tosca Holmes- Smith (with Carmen Holmes-Smith) is ready to go! Photo by Mark Marquis.

Teammate Chloe Duffy with Oro Veradero showing off our Canada colours in the team jog outfit. Photo by Mark Marquis.

Canada’s Junior team ahead of the jog. From left, Eva Marquis with Hollywood, Chloe Duffy with Oro Veradero, Chef d’Equipe Penny Rowland, Ella Marquis with Meadowbrook’s Pollyanna, and Tosca Holmes-Smith with Fiat. Photo by Mark Marquis.

It takes many hands to prep for the jog and ensure success. We have a great team here supporting us! The “Pit Crew” – Jayne Marquis, Holly Jacks-Smither, Tynia McAuley-Tadey and Katie Recoskie. Photo by Mark Marquis.

Ella Marquis with Meadowbrook’s Pollyanna at the first horse inspection. Photo by Mark Marquis.