#RoadToTokyo: Let the Games Begin!

Perhaps it’s no longer appropriate to dub these social media round-ups as #RoadToTokyo, as the Tokyo Olympics are officially underway and most of the equestrian athletes are well settled in to their digs at the beautiful Equestrian Park. Dressage competition began today (yesterday? the time zone gymnastics for these Olympics have been making my brain hurt), and you can keep up with the results of day one here.

Before the Games could begin in earnest, though, came the all-important, ever-traditional opening ceremony, which always features artistic displays and proud representations of all nations competing in these Summer Olympics. While spectators have been prohibited from all Olympic events this year due to ongoing Covid protocol, the opening ceremony was nonetheless an event these participants will never forget.

Set to begin their portion of competition this coming Friday, July 29, the eventers have been filling their days with some leg stretching hacks, some schooling sessions and plenty of hand grazing. Access to the air-conditioned indoor arena and other schooling areas is scheduled to allow all nations access while still keeping things distanced. Riders will also have the opportunity to have ring familiarization sessions as well as a training session under the lights before competition begins.

Let’s take a look at the first few days from Tokyo and the opening ceremony through the lens of social media!

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