Rolex 2013: Jog and Show Jumping Photos from Kasey Mueller

EN reader Kasey Mueller was one of the first to start sending in her photos from Rolex this year.  Kasey has been incredibly generous with her beautiful photos, and we decided to share a bunch of them here in their own post.  We have received a vast amount of images from other readers as well– fear not, they will be published in another gallery, soon!

From Kasey:

My name is Kasey Mueller and I am a photography addict (more commonly called a  freelance photographer). I have a passion- to capture/create memories for Eventers and their fans at every level of the sport.  I get excited before every horse show, Pony Club outing, or Horse Trials, wondering who and what I will see and capture that day. I hope that the memories of the competitions, including the adrenaline rushes and the smiles, live on for my subjects, every time they see themselves in one of my pictures.  If you would like a copy of these images, send me an email at [email protected]

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