Rolex: Best of the Blogs

Our eventing world is exploding with rider blogs, facebook fan pages, and everything else new media.  Eventing, as usual, is 5 years behind the rest of the world in this media development, but better late than never.  Here is a short list of the rider blogs with the best Rolex coverage.

1. William’s Website: William is probably happier to win Rolex, but he can add Best of the Blogs to his trophy case as well.  William’s site regularly broke news about William and Oliver’s epic.  Simple, accurate, and very effective: William’s blog reflects his style.
2. Phillip’s Blog: Yes, Phillip actually has a bog.  Phillip’s blog gets ranked highly because it said why Kheops was scratched, rather than following the industry convention of sticking it’s head in the sand.  And it has some great pictures.
3. Chelan Kozak’s Blog: Chelan’s blog isn’t always the most sophisticated, but it is usually the most entertaining, with fun pictures as well.  Chelan’s blog also gets a high ranking because she sent me a thank you note the last time we linked to it.  Yes, that kind of thing matters.

Thckle Me Elmo David

4. Boyd’s Blog: Boyd has a couple of good recap posts and some nice photos by Amber.
5. Will Faudree’s Blog: Will launched his blog just a few days before Rolex.  The posts that he actually spends time writing are excellent.  For example, he mentioned that he forgot to unhook his air vest hopping off after XC and it inflated.  Never post a press release again Will, and pictures are king, but, other than that, I’m excited to have you in the blogosphere.
6. Bruce’s Blog: Bruce couldn’t be at Rolex in person, but Lisa Thomas took some fun pictures.
Honorable mention: Oliver’s Facebook completely fooled his fans and members of the eventing media Saturday night, but I give it credit for trying to tell folks what was going on.  The latest story it has is that Oliver, William, and Yogi were stranded in Chicago overnight because their flight out of Lexington was delayed due to weather.  I have since heard that they are on their way back to England today.
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