Video Monday: Rolex Recovery

Our happy little corner of the World Wide Web has been raving about nothing but Rolex for weeks.  I know the event is over now, but I just can’t quit cold turkey.  There are still so many recently added videos to share.  

Peter Atkins and Henry Jota Hampton made an incredible leap from 50th place after dressage to finish 23rd.

See a great variety of fences on cross-country and footage of several competitors who didn’t get so much attention from the media this weekend.

The view is slightly obscured, but I think the benefit of the rail breaking upon impact is clear.  The rail was replaced within minutes, and horse and rider continued on course unscathed.  
Holly Hudspeth and Last Monarch jumped clear with just two time penalties to finish 17th.  What a cheer they received, too!

Becky Holder and Courageous Comet jumped double clear on cross-country and dropped one rail in showjumping, finishing in 3rd place.  Comet looks as elegant as ever.


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