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We have been writing about Rolex on and off for the past couple of months, but Eventing Nation’s Rolex coverage is really going to kick into gear over the next couple of days.  Our friends in Lexington have no doubt noticed the Rolex publicity already, especially the radio commercial. 

Rolex (this time I’m talking about the company) has a fantastic marketing department, which, perhaps more than any other company, recognizes that sponsoring equestrian competition is a great way to link their brand to elegance, strength, and tremendous excitement within one of the wealthiest markets on Earth.  And they capture all of those elements perfectly with their commercials:

This year’s radio commercial features the great Tom Leach, the voice of the Wildcats, and is apparently far superior to the absurd soundtracks of previous years.
This traditional preview press release has been making the rounds on many sites.
Visionaire found this fantastic video from Rolex last year.

And now for several completely unrelated notes:
Zenyatta is now 16-0 while Rachel’s owners run and hide.  

AP McCoy won the Grand National.  

Lets hope spectators at Rolex aren’t nearly as bad dressers as the people at the Grand National.  That link was kindly (or not so much) sent to us by BC.
As if we don’t have enough videos up already, check out this great video of Briar’s Berrima International One Day Event 2010, sent to us by Buzzterbrown.

Description: Set in the beautiful southern highlands the Briar’s Berrima International One Day Event plays host to over 360 competitors. Ranging from juniors to Australia’s and New Zealand’s elite they compete at this exciting event over some very challenging courses.
Finally, check out how your friends are doing at today’s events:

Ram Tap (CA): Homepage, Ride Times

Spring Bay (KY): Homepage, Ride Times, Schedule
The Fork HT (NC): Homepage, Ride Times, Live Scores
Plantation Field (PA): Homepage, Ride Times, Live Scores
Chattahoochee Hills (GA): Homepage, Ride Times, Live Scores
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